All photographs Copyright (c) 2015 by Stephen H. Rapp, Jr. All rights reserved. Images may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.


▲ The cave city complex at Up’lisc’ixe (უფლისციხე), Georgia.


▲ The Lavra of St. Davit’ Garesja at Udabno (უდაბნო), Kaxet’i region, Georgia, along the Azerbaijani border.

▲ Metexi Cathedral (მეტეხი) and Nariqala Fortress (ნარიყალა), T’bilisi.

▲ Mtkuari (Kura) River, T’bilisi.

▲ Monument to P’arnavaz, the semi-legendary first king of the eastern Georgian territory of K’art’li.

▲ Samcevrisi (სამწევრისი), K’art’li region, Georgia.

▲ Sevanavank’ monastery (Սևանավանք), on the shore of Lake Sevan, Armenia.

▲ Goshavank’ monastery (Գոշավանք), Armenia.

▲ Noravank’ monastery (Նորավանք), Armenia.

▲ Church at the former academy of Gladzor (Գլաձոր), Armenia.

▲ Interior of the church at Geghard (Գեղարդ), Armenia.

▲ Statue of Hayk, the eponymous ancestor of the Armenians. Outside Erevan, Armenia.

▲ Remains of the city gates at Qəbələ, one of the capitals of Caucasian Albania.

▲ Heavily reconstructed Albanian church at Kiş.

▲ The Zoroastrian Atashgah fire-temple at Surakhani, near Baku, Azerbaijan.

▲ Caravansarai near Ordubad, Naxçıvan, Azerbaijan.

▲ Yusuf ibn Kuseyir turbe, Naxçıvan City, Naxçıvan, Azerbaijan.

▲ Momine Khatun turbe, Naxçıvan City, Naxçıvan, Azerbaijan.


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